Hi did you see the Olympics? My best part of the Olympics was the swimming they were so good and they tried there best . But i steel think that they could keep practicing to be first in some of the games . And Bolt was great at running he is the best he is faster then a cheeter what do you think? Well i think he is as fast as a cheeter. What was your best part of the OLYMPICS!

3 thoughts on “THE OLYMPICS!!!!!!!!!!!!! BY HARRIET J

  1. Interesting information Harriet. I didn’t see the Olympics. But I watched some on the TV. I think the best part of the Olympics was when Tom Daley tried his best to win gold in diving.

  2. Mrs Ringrose I will try my best next time I will use capital letters and puctuation befor I post

  3. Harriet,

    You certainly seemed to enjoy the Olympics. I agree that it would be nice to win more gold medals although the taking part is still fantastic. I think Bolt is definitely faster than a cheetah. I wonder if they’ll ever test it out? My favourite part of the Olympics was watching Jessica Ennis achieve gold in the Heptathlon and generally most of the other sports too.

    Watch your spelling, capital letters and punctuation before you post your blogs in future.

    Mrs Ringrose.

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