Paralympics and Olympics!!!

In the holidays I went to the olympics and paralympics, firstly I went to the olympics to see womens football. Loads of people were there, people from USA, people from North Korea… USA had one and I was sort of happy! The paralympics was great as well I got to see Ellie Simmonds, she was a great swimmer. I mainly enjoyed the football because I like football.  Ellie Simmonds and Rebecka Addlington inspire me because no matter what is in there way they will still carry on and achieve many goals! What have you learnt about the olympics. By Amyw

2 thoughts on “Paralympics and Olympics!!!

  1. Mrs Ringrose,

    The olympics was great (and the paralympics) I hope there will be another one in london!

  2. Amy,

    What a great blog about the Olympics. I went to the women’s football as well and saw USA win the gold medal. You were very lucky to see the football and the swimming. All the athletes are a great inspiration to us all and I’m glad you are inspired by them. I have learnt how amazing the paralympians are to achieve what they do with the challenges they face.

    Mrs Ringrose.

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