OLYMPICS!!! By Clara-Mae

The Olympics was fantastic during the summer holiday we had so many medels that we came 3rd in the table. I think that we were very good in all sports. But I think we were very good at the Veledrom were the champions went and sprinted on the bikes.

We can see that they worked really hard at their sports. And you can see that by seeing that they got lot’s of new golden ,silver and bronze medels.

The Opening Ceromany’s were fantastic with the towers and all the fasnating story’s.

At school, one of the volenters came up to assembely and said how fantastic it was.

From Clara-Mae

One thought on “OLYMPICS!!! By Clara-Mae

  1. Well done Clara-Mae on your post about the Olympics. It was great to hear all about being a Games Maker from Miss Ambrose, we are all very proud of the great work she did at the Olympics.

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