My Olympic Games Andrew

In the summer holidays I wached almost every sport in the Olympics. I also wached the torch come through Hemel Heampstead on the 8th of July. My family and some of my freinds went to watch some of the volley ball. We saw Algeria against Japan and Japan won and I also saw China against Serbia and China won. My Olympic role modalhas to be Michal Phelps with 19 medals making him the most sucsesfal Olympian of all time. He had 15 gold madals, 2 silver medals and 2 bronze medals. The weirdest sport I saw at the Olympics on telavision was Rythmic gymnastics. Rythmic gymnastics is a sport were people use ribbins and hoopsin a dance and this sport is just for women. 

That is my Olympic experience.

2 thoughts on “My Olympic Games Andrew

  1. Hi Andrew, I enjoyed reading your comment about the olympics well done the only thing is you’ve spelt hoopspin rong as hoopsin and ribon rong as ribin.

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