Forest Mania

Forest Mania is a small game set in a forest full of monsters. The character must proceed through the forest and fight them in order to escape!

v0.3 (incomplete)


(Note: this does not work in Internet Explorer and has only been tested in Google Chrome.)

3 thoughts on “Forest Mania

  1. Well done Drew on completing this game, I know it has taken you along time to get the coding right.
    I have enjoyed seeing your ICT skills develop and I look forward to seeing all your future achievement’s.

  2. this is a really fun game I was watching you make some of it

  3. Instructions: When you have downloaded the file, extract it by clicking Extract All Files (windows) or right click and open with Archive Utility (mac osx). When you have extracted it, run “click_me_to_play” in a browser like Firefox, Safari, Chrome or Opera.

    Hint-hint: Version 0.6 will have no installation process. 🙂

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