All about Alien Surf Girls

As you may not know I Holly am a huge fan of Alien Surf Girls. I am going to tell you about Zoey and Kiki’s (characters) life.

Zoey and Kiki aren’t the same as us they aren’t flesh and bone. They are an energy alien. Zoey borrowed her sisters space ship to fly from their planet Lumina to Earth so they could get samples for an experiment. They also came down to Earth because they have been inspired by other surfers. Both of them saw Amber (another character) teaching kids how to surf so Zoey and Kiki thought that Amber could teach them too.

They have a very unusual accessorie with them. Here it is:

1. Plazma card- so they can stay human while being on Earth.

Sorry but I have to end this blog post now. Can’t wait to see all the comments. 🙂 <3