What I saw of the Olympic Ceremonies…

I did not get to watch much of the Olympics, though I did see most of the Opening Ceremony. In all my honesty I have to say it was amazing! Seeing the world go through all the ages was quite fun and enjoyable, especially with all the work they had put into it; it made it seem like quite a journey!

My favourite part of the Opening Ceremony was the Industrial Revolution segment. The forging of the Olympic Rings was just amazing!

My second favourite part was watching the Athletes coming through in a large line, though I did not get to see a lot of it because it was on for a long time. I never knew there were so many countries in the world!

Overall, I think it was just a great performance. Everyone worked so hard to make it flow smoothly, and it turned out as an excellent show. I also saw some of the Closing Ceremony, and I think that it brought the Olympics to an emotional close.