Word Problems_Shops

Hi dudes and dudettes,

Here are the answers to last times problems.

1. 100

2. £75

3. £349

4. £21 and £29 change from a £50 note

Did you get them right?

This times topic is shops so here are the questions. Good Luck!

1 Step:

1.If staples cost £5 per pack of 50 and Anita needs 563 staples for a really big homework project. How much would it all cost her?

2.Shelby spent £59 in Asda, £95 in Tesco and £43 in Staples. How much has she spent altogether?

2 Step:

3. Robert spent £69 in Asda, £85 in Tesco and £53 in Staples. How much has he got left to use in Sainsburys if he started with £500 pounds?

4. Vicky want’s to buy her friends a present each. She has 5 friends and £50. She spots a perfect gift for £53 pounds. Then she spots exactly the same present only 1/2 price cheeper. Then she spots the same present again only it is 1/4 cheeper than the original price. Can she afford it now? Can she buy one for each of her friends?

Just like last time, work them out and post your answers. I got 2 comments last time (one single and one shared). This time I’m hoping for more! Can we get up to 5 comments?

Word problems _ farm

Hi guys (and girls, of corse),

Here is some word problems.

The theme this time is farms.

1 step:

1. On a farm there were 20 pigs. They all ate 5 apples each. How many apples was that alltogether?

2. Farmer John was very proud of his farm. He had 15 horses. If each horse needs one bag of food and each bag costs 5 pounds, how much money does Farmer John need?

2 step:

1. There are 13 pigs, 9 horses and 12 chickens on a farm. Each animal needs 1 bag of food. Pig food is 10 pounds, horse food is 15 pounds and chicken food is 7 pounds. How much money does the farmer need altogether?

2. A farmer’s wife wants a bag of sheep food, which is 10 pounds, a fashion magazine, which is 2 pounds, and a bottle of orange and passion fruit juice, which is 9 pounds. How much money does she need?  How much change will she get from a 50 pound note?

Hope you all enjoy them. Post your answers in



Helpful Homework Game

Hello here is a helpful game for the industrial revolution homework.

You find out who invented what, what the industrial revolution was powered by and also who were the heros of the industrial revolution