Viking maths quetions!

1A: 1 boat has 243 people in, if you had 3 boats how many people would be in it altogether?

1B: If each man has 1 person as a backup on the boat then how many are their?

Tip: use the first question to answer the second! good luck 🙂

My experience at the Triathlon

On 5th of August I went to the men’s triathlon with my mum, dad and little brother. We only saw the bicycle and the running races. In the bicycle race I got right up to the railing. When the races finished it took at least half an hour to do the medal ceremony. People thought the third place person had collapsed after the races. That is how it took so long. Great Britain came 1st and 3rd. It was absolutely amazing! My favourite part was when I got up to the railings. The triathlon is one of my favourite sports in the Olympic games. What is yours?