Who is going to PGL?!

I am going to PGL and I can’t wait, only some of my friends are going but it will still be epic! I will name most of the people who are going: Me, Clara-mae, Riley, Lauren, Catherine, Oliver, Daniel, Darryl, Hamza, Matthew, George, Llewnel, Jamie, Lewis, Daley, Charlie. I think these are right!


6 thoughts on “Who is going to PGL?!

  1. I cant wait either it will be really fun!! 34 days to go. I like gummy bears too !

  2. Hi clara-mae it wil be great and Mrs Ringrose is coming so it will be EPIC!!!

  3. Amy,

    I’m going too and am as excited as all the children! I’ve been twice before and loved it. We’ll have a fantastic time I’m sure.

    Mrs Ringrose.

  4. Thank you for putting my name on Amy. I know! It’s going to be sooooooo epic. Can’t wait another 3 or4 weeks until were there!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

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