Word Problems_Shops

Hi dudes and dudettes,

Here are the answers to last times problems.

1. 100

2. £75

3. £349

4. £21 and £29 change from a £50 note

Did you get them right?

This times topic is shops so here are the questions. Good Luck!

1 Step:

1.If staples cost £5 per pack of 50 and Anita needs 563 staples for a really big homework project. How much would it all cost her?

2.Shelby spent £59 in Asda, £95 in Tesco and £43 in Staples. How much has she spent altogether?

2 Step:

3. Robert spent £69 in Asda, £85 in Tesco and £53 in Staples. How much has he got left to use in Sainsburys if he started with £500 pounds?

4. Vicky want’s to buy her friends a present each. She has 5 friends and £50. She spots a perfect gift for £53 pounds. Then she spots exactly the same present only 1/2 price cheeper. Then she spots the same present again only it is 1/4 cheeper than the original price. Can she afford it now? Can she buy one for each of her friends?

Just like last time, work them out and post your answers. I got 2 comments last time (one single and one shared). This time I’m hoping for more! Can we get up to 5 comments?