100 Word Challenge – World book day special

This week’s challenge from Mrs Skinner.

This week on 6th March we celebrate WORLD BOOK DAY

Save the Children, together with Beanstalk are very aware that not being able to read handicaps children’s progress and have launched a campaign and programme called Born to Read for children who are struggling.

This is a big task and so they have asked if 100 Word Challenge can join in the campaign to  ‘Change the Story’ for children.

The prompt this week is to chose your favourite fairy story and rewrite it in 100 words changing the ending.

The link will be open until Saturday 8th March

Can you rewrite your favourite story. Post it by logging into our blogs or add to the comments under this post.

One thought on “100 Word Challenge – World book day special

  1. Ghosts

    A strang man came tewords me he gled at me, at frist I fought that he was a good but he then plud out a gun my haert was pounding BANG!!!!!

    That was the end of my life!

    Being a ghost was extremaly hard but I new that i can HUNT him down .
    Finally i irievd to the humens world then I sor my sister at the graveyard she new it was me after I sor the kilar I garb him…

    “Your days are over” I said to him with a smarec his days were over.

    The End.

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