Olympics-Mens Football-Final

This match was a mournstrous surprise having Spain being favourites to wining the whole tournament however losing out in the group stage.So it was down to Brazil to win the cup and collect the cup because of the fact of Spain losing out they were now the favourites to win!

But Mexico fought back and won the the Olympics. Having won the Olympics Mexico would now go on to be the favourites to win the next big tournament in football. As well as being the favourites in the next major tournament they would also go on to be the favourites in Rio-2016. Good luck Mexico in Rio-2016!Gold medallists Mexico celebrate during the Victory Ceremony for

2 thoughts on “Olympics-Mens Football-Final

  1. Darryl,

    What a good report on the football. It’s nice to see someone other than Spain and Brazil winning for a change! Just remember to re-read your blog before you post it to check it makes sense and there’s no repetition.

    I hope you’ll be cheering England and Team GB on next time too.

    Mrs Ringrose.

    • Thank you! I will try not to repeat what I have already said next time. In Rio I will be supporting Cameroon; GB unfourtunatly spend all their money on great players but get nowhere!:(

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