Although I didn’t exacly go and see the olympics by eye I did get to see it on the television and it with it’s bonus features (3D). The opening ceremony of olympics I thought was rather good especially the bit with the bikes that had wings and also the changing from the countryside to the ymnasticsdgindustrial revolution. The Chinese are still the best in gymnastics, U.S.A at swimming, England at shooting. Eventually U.S.A came first then China and finally England. To be honest the ending ceremony wasn’t really good




  1. Llewnel,

    Wow, you are lucky watching the Olympics in 3D, I bet it looked amazing! I agree the opening ceremony was fantastic and I enjoyed the music at the closing ceremony. GB did do really well coming third overall.

    A nice blog LLewnel, just re-read them before posting to check for any errors in future.

    Mrs Ringrose.

    • Hi Mrs Ringrose thanks for commenting on my post. Yeah when I watched it in 3D it was amazing, unfortunately my grandfather doesn’t like to watch in 3D so we only watched it
      at times when he was taking a nap or either doing a bit of the garden.

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