Olympic and paralympics

What do you think is better Olympics or Paralympics? I think that the paralympics are better because the paralympians have worked muchharder than the olympians because they have disabilities. When I went to the paralympics, David Weir got the biggest cheer of the night because he won a gold medal for Great Britian! GOOD LUCK !

3 thoughts on “Olympic and paralympics

  1. Great! I agree that the Paralympians work much harder than the Olympians. It must be fantastic to see it all up close. However I prefer the Olympics!

  2. Wow Hamza! How lucky you were to see David Weir at the Paralympics. I think that all the athletes must have worked hard to get to the games but I do admire the paralympians most.

    • Thank you for replying to my blog Mrs Lee. Did you watch any Olympics or Paralympics on TV or at home?

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