100 Word Challenge – World book day special

This week’s challenge from Mrs Skinner.

This week on 6th March we celebrate WORLD BOOK DAY

Save the Children, together with Beanstalk are very aware that not being able to read handicaps children’s progress and have launched a campaign and programme called Born to Read for children who are struggling.

This is a big task and so they have asked if 100 Word Challenge can join in the campaign to  ‘Change the Story’ for children.

The prompt this week is to chose your favourite fairy story and rewrite it in 100 words changing the ending.

The link will be open until Saturday 8th March

Can you rewrite your favourite story. Post it by logging into our blogs or add to the comments under this post.

Forest Mania

Forest Mania is a small game set in a forest full of monsters. The character must proceed through the forest and fight them in order to escape!

v0.3 (incomplete)


(Note: this does not work in Internet Explorer and has only been tested in Google Chrome.)

Years 5 & 6 Digital art

Year 5 & 6 created digital art by using the remove background tool in Microsoft word and then copied on to a background in 2 Paint a picture.

We hope you enjoy their creative results. Please comment!


Year 5 & 6 Password security

In ICT Years 5 & 6 looked at websites related to the importance of pasword security.

They used the website ‘How Secure in my Password’  (please do not use on your home computer to test you own password) to discover how secure passwords were and how adding special characters and capital letters can help to make passwords hard to crack.

They also looked at a simple password generator site to see how using phrases can help. They then created posters using their choice of program to share the information with others.


We hope you enjoy looking at the posters and it makes you more aware of the security of your own password.

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Hi Guys, I’m Just On My Laptop (not doing allot) Just Had An Awesome Day At School With My Fantabulous Teachers Miss Simmons, Mrs Field, Mrs Waters. My Old Step Mum Got A Kitten His Name Is George. Here He Is: